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A handbook to choose the right shoes this rainy season for working women



A handbook to choose the right shoes this rainy season for working women


We know that working women have bigger responsibilities and they have to balance work and family life. But, when they step out they always have to look their best upholding the standards that are set by the world. In this fast-paced world, there will be a time where they cannot manage their busy schedules and that would throw them off-guard. If that situation comes during the monsoon and rainy season then it would become very difficult for working women to manage. Everything around them goes for a toss. The roads will be dirty and murky, trains and cabs would be late, yet they have to reach the office on time. The one thing that you can make right and can help you in these times is having the right footwear to step out in rain. It makes much of your work easier to handle and manage. For this, we recommend sturdy yet stylish footwear. Check out below for the best rainproof footwear.


When you are in a hurry, you normally run or jog to catch the train, metro, or auto just so you could reach on time. Running or jogging is way comfortable when you wear loafers. They look stylish, trendy and are sturdy too. When you run in these shoes you don't see the mud on your clothes that you experience while running.



Daily wear ballerinas:

In case you have to step out for a client meeting then ballerinas are the perfect shoes. They work well on rainy days as they are waterproof. They are beautiful to see and easy to wear and run. Ballerinas are perfect stylish rainwear. They can be coupled with Kurti or jeans and you are sure to look gorgeous.



Peep toes:

Another footwear similar to ballerinas is peep-toes. They are ideal on any outfit and are all-seasonal. You can wear them in summer, winter and rains too. They are waterproof and very fashionable. Easy to carry, these can be good for casual outings and offices. You can walk trouble-free on the roads as they are rainproof.At Centro, you can find the best rainproof shoes. From a variety of brands and types, pick the one that you feel is the best for you keeping in mind the above tips.