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All you need to know about Monsoon Footwear

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All you need to know about Monsoon Footwear


Rains - who doesn't enjoy them? For one thing, the monsoon season is the most romantic season for lovers! Two, even solitary people may find comfort in the never-ending sound of rains falling on their roofs. Three, nature comes to life and allows us to view it in all its splendor, with lush foliage and the scent of sandalwood drifting through the air.

We could go on and on since the rains bring so much with them. We'd be lying if we stated that a drizzle or a violent breeze didn't attract us equally!

‘Simple to wear, quick to remove, and easy to dry' should be the monsoon slogan. As a result, choosing the appropriate footwear becomes a critical factor during the rainy season. During the monsoon season, some of the finest footwear alternatives are flip flops, sandals, and clogs, which exemplify comfort while still being lightweight and breathable.

Wear flip flops:

Flip flops are stylish and waterproof, making them an excellent choice for footwear this season. During the rainy season, choose water-resistant flip flops that can readily channel water away and increase traction.



Classy Sandals:

Sandals with a wave-inspired outsole pattern are the finest water-friendly shoes for a rainy trip. They are extremely breathable, and the adjustable straps and pull tabs at the heels allow for easy on and off.




During the rainy season, footwear takes a long time to dry, which can lead to unpleasant odors. To avoid such a circumstance, it is usually preferable to wear odor-resistant footwear.




Clogs dry fast, feature ventilation holes for improved breathability, are lightweight, water-friendly, and buoyant, and come in several styles to keep you comfortable and attractive while traveling. You can also choose rubber boots, which are comfortable to wear, light, and keep your feet clean.



Bring out the wedges:

If you can't live without your heels, wedges are the way to go. While pointed heels are more stylish, wedges provide superior support while walking in the rain. With vintage patterns and styles making a comeback, we advise going for a throwback classic like wedges.



Crazy Canvas:

Canvas sneakers should be at the top of your must-have monsoon footwear list. The most comfy shoes are ideal for a fantastic outing. These sneakers have the advantage of being washable. So you don't have to worry about damaging your shoes if you tread in muddy puddles.



If you've ever wondered what footwear colour goes with what sort of outfit, we're here to offer some fashion footwear... Style is personal, and wearing what makes you happy is comfort one. ... Goes best with pink, orange, black and white, neutrals, and navy blue. ... Stay away from monochrome too; red on red can feel like overkill.

Choose right footwear to your feet with Fashion which can be easily washed and re-worn again. It is time you put your shoes, casual, flip flops, rubber footwear and heels on the shelves and remove your comfortable, non-slippery footwear this monsoon. Explore more Monsoon Collection at