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Know Your Colour Palette

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Know Your Colour Palette

Because you can't settle on the ideal colour palette to compliment your skin tone, you're playing it safe and sticking to neutrals. Whether you're a strawberry blonde with a gorgeous peaches and cream complexion, an olive-skinned brunette, or a fiery beauty with natural red hair and freckles, we've got your back. Wearing the proper colours may give you a beautiful glow, but the wrong colour palette might make your complexion seem sallow and weary. And you don't need the assistance of a stylist to make your selection. It's simple once you know the techniques of the trade.

Also, please note that this is only a suggestion. Use a colour that you admire as an accent if it isn't quite perfect for you. Shoes are the best way to give it a try, and this article can guide you in selecting the right shade for you.


Choose Your Basic Colour Palette

When coming to picking up the colour palette of the footwear, there are several techniques for identifying it depending on your skin tone and hair colour, some of which provide up to 16 distinct colour groups into which you may fall. The conventional four-season colour theory, which most of us are acquainted with, is an excellent tool for demonstrating how cold and warm undertones connect to bright and soft colours.

Blue undertones are associated with the cold colour seasons (Winter and Summer), whereas yellow undertones are associated with the warm colour seasons (Spring and Autumn).

Which season you belong to is determined by your undertones, as well as whether bright or soft colours complement your skin. Get quirky by adding that dash of the colour in your footwear to make you look apt for any occasion.

In addition to colours being attractive, I believe the second layer of colour analysis is heavily influenced by personal choice. Bright and soft colours reflect various personalities, so you're likely to have a preference based solely on your own qualities and what you want to express via your wardrobe choices. Consider your personality, who and what you want to convey through your colour selections, and the colour dominance in your existing outfit. What you will most likely go toward are the colours, whether bright or subtle, that make you feel fantastic and confident. At Centro, we have footwear collection of varied colour palette for you to choose from.


Now……..What colour shoe shall I prefer if I am warm?

Warm colours like orange, golden yellow, honey gold, amber, and red will draw attention to your golden undertones. Warmer greens and blues, such as deeper turquoise, green moss, olive, fern, pesto, and red-purples in magenta and orchid hues, can be utilised as well. Taupe, hot chocolate, cream whites, and latte are all neutrals that will make your skin glow. Avoid cold hues and jewel-toned tones such as ruby, amethyst, and sapphire.


What colour shoe do I look nice in if I'm cool?

Bright blue, royal blue, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, deep purples, lavender, and lilac snow are your finest colours on the cold end of the colour wheel. Warm colours such as startling pink (not hot pink, which is also warm), cerise, ruby, and brilliant rose should not be overlooked. Grey, navy, and immaculate white are your neutral colours, but avoid oranges and yellows!


What colour shoe look well on me if I'm neutral?

Wearing jade green, dusty pink, lagoon blue, and cornsilk yellow will turn heads. Off-whites, coffee, mid-range greys, and black are all great neutral colours. Colours that are excessively brilliant and dazzling, on the other hand, can overwhelm you.

A common colour that goes with any skin colour is nudes. Good nude shoes are a wardrobe must-have. A nude shoe that matches your skin tone will go with everything, will always appear exquisite, and will give the illusion of a longer leg. They are, to put it mildly, amazing. However, just like with size, one hue does not fit everybody. Until recently, fashion's persistent diversity problem meant that 'nude' shoes appeared in essentially just one colour — a pale-pinky-beige hue that suited a very restricted number of white people. Fortunately, things are changing, and more and more known and new designers are catering to every skin tone with collections of nude shoes in a variety of colours. Here are some of our favourite designers who are doing nude shoes right for women of all colours.