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Stylish Shoes that every man should own

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Stylish Shoes that every man should own


Shoes are an integral part of every ensemble. After all, the correct shoes may easily make or destroy your ensemble. So, if you want to seem smart, you need always to have the proper shoes on hand to complete and compliment your outfit. Fortunately, we can lead you on the correct path. We've whittled down a selection of trendy men's shoes that every guy should have in his wardrobe, from running errands to attending a fancy gala.

Balmoral Oxfords with a cap toe:

Oxford's roots are unknown. Some think that around 1825, students at Oxford University began wearing a style similar to an Oxford shoe. Others believe that the Oxford shoe originated in Scotland and Ireland; however, this idea has been refuted by several. Nonetheless, the Oxford shoe is today's most popular dress shoe. All Oxfords have a closed lacing mechanism, which distinguishes an Oxford shoe from a Derby shoe. A high-quality Oxford shoe is constructed of box-calf leather and has no broguing. An Oxford is an exceptionally flexible dress shoe that can carry you through nearly every formal occasion, including job interviews, weddings, and black-tie parties. The “Cap-Toe” Oxford is a menswear staple that may be worn in most professional settings. It is distinguished by the addition of an extra piece of leather across the toe box.




The brogue, like so many other styles of dress shoes, was designed to be a considerably more practical shoe than the way we wear them now. Brogues were initially designed with holes and perforations to assist drain water after crossing bogs and marshes in muddy Ireland. Today, we regard the brogue with a bit more reverence. Hopefully, you won't be knee-deep in the muck while wearing these. Dark brown brogues are appropriate for formal events, while lighter brown brogues are appropriate for relaxed days. Black brogues look great with a suit, but don't overdo it and wear them to a black-tie event. When shopping for brogues, keep in mind that the more broguing on the shoe, the less formal it is.



Leather Boots:

The beautiful thing about a leather boot is that it begins to tell a narrative with prolonged use. A pair of leather lace-up boots should be in every man's winter collection. Get an ankle-high, black, or dark brown boot and cuff your pants for a more casual, edgy look. For a more conventional style, slip your pants over the top of the boots. If you get a good pair, they will last you for years.




Every wardrobe should contain a pair of comfy yet attractive running sneakers. While running sneakers are meant to make you feel good rather than look good, we do offer a few pointers to help you find the ideal pair. Choose a style with little branding for adaptability. Bright hues also work nicely for a bold street style. White shoes may seem beaten and bruised after a few weeks, therefore a thorough shoe maintenance routine is required.




The loafer, which originated in Scandinavia, has evolved into the sartorial flair of preppy culture and is now a streamlined shoe design. Loafers, which are low and lace-free, are a staple of smart casual wear and a popular summer shoe style. A pair of brown loafers will go with a variety of outfits, both casual and formal. Navy is also a nice hue to pair with whites, beiges, and greens. If you're looking for a pair of loafers to go with neutrals, beige is a good option that enhances tanned skin.



Chelsea Boots:

The Chelsea boot is another classic of men's footwear and a shoe that every guy should acquire by the age of 30. It is easily identifiable by the ability to slip them on and off with the usage of elastic sides. Queen Victoria originally had the Chelsea boot created for her since she had trouble with ordinary boots because the laces would frequently get caught in her stirrups when riding.

Chelsea boots were originally known as "paddock boots.” Paddock boots were renamed Chelsea boots in the 1950s when the design became highly popular in the United Kingdom. Their fame was influenced by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Fans of both bands saw the band members wearing this style, and the Chelsea boot quickly became popular across the world.




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