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Your go-to shoe care guide for leather shoes



Your go-to shoe care guide for leather shoes


Whenever, we set out for a meeting, a casual dinner, or shopping, we always try to look our best. And, shoes are something we have to get right because they can either make the look or break the look. Remember, the first impression is always the best impression.

Leather shoes will always be your partner in outings. This guide can probably help you in keeping your shoes at their best. So that your shoes are always ready whenever you go out. Also, maintaining leather shoes will help them to last longer, thus helping you have your favourite shoes for years to come. With the help of the below tips, you can easily take care of your shoes.

Here are the tips for shining shoes

First and foremost, cover the surface you will be working on with the newspaper or cloth as this keeps the place from getting dirty.

Take off dust and dirt:

With the help of a clean dry brush remove any dust and dirt from the shoes. After this, use a welt brush and a little bit of water to get into the smaller areas. Now scrap the welt for any dirt or dust with a small brush.Before moving on to the next step have a look at your shoes and check if they are clean without any specks of dirt, if there is any dirt, wipe them off clean and dry.




After you are done with the first process, the second step is conditioning which is important in maintaining leather shoes. Conditioning helps in moisturising and smoothening the top layer of the shoe, thus helping shoes from drying out and cracking. In order to condition, take a small piece of cloth and put a tiny amount of shoe conditioner on the shoe and rub till the whole shoe is covered. You have to let the shoes dry for at least 30 minutes after applying the conditioner.




After you are done with the first two steps, now is the time to add shine to your shoes. Polishing is the final step before you wear your shoes again.

Shoe polishes are available in different forms -liquids, pastes and creams. Liquid shoe polish has the tendency to dry up soon. And, therefore cannot be considered durable. Pastes last longer but can become messy. Therefore, it is best that you use a cream-based polish as it is easy to apply and durable too.

Depending on the colour of the shoe pick up the cream polish that matches. Take out a small amount of shoe polish and apply it to the shoe. Using a soft cloth rub the polish and leave it to dry completely.